sandy, 15, INFP


still at school, though i hate the goddamn place. trying to work hard for college. aspiring psychologist.

i like to read, write and anything to do with music or my fandoms. i also like dylan o'brien, coffee, thunderstorms and handwritten letters.

crying over the stydia hug for eternity

this blog: justin, selena, oth, teen wolf, harry potter, sherlock, divergent, thg, tmr, all my fave celebs and a bunch of quotes


reading: the catcher in the rye

reading (fanfiction): heavy lies the crown (dhr)

watching: teen wolf, s4; the oc, s1

writing: random one-shots, hiatus

(currently) listening to: trading yesterday, daughter, the lumineers, 5sos, the vamps, paramore, dog is dead, one republic, sara bareilles, birdy, mayday parade

(current) favorite tracks: landfill - daughter
without a word - birdy

accepting: fanfic requests (one shots) for dramione & stydia

semi-hiatus bc school
some posts are queued during the weekend (x)

other sites

twitter:(x) (x)
8tracks: (x)
ao3: probably coming soon

last edit: dramione
last one shot: jelena (x)
last playlist: stydia (x)

ashes of dreams you let die; a peyton sawyer fanmix

{listen here}
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